Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I set up my account? What if I run into issues?

Registration and account set-up should only take a few minutes. For in-depth help, follow our Start-Up Guide. In short, you must:

  1. Download the Under Armour Record app and create an account. You can technically use other Under Armour step-tracking apps such as MapMyFitness, but Record is the most straight-forward for this use.
  2. Connect your step-tracking device(s) to the Under Armour Record app.
  3. Register an account with One Billion Steps on this site.
  4. Log in here and click the red "Log in with Under Armour" button.

Then you're done! Your step data will be tracked automatically, whether you open the Record app or not. If you have more questions or run into an error, please contact us.


My step data is not accurate. Why? How can I fix it?

We pull the last two weeks of your step data from Under Armour every day at 2am EST. If you had an issue syncing your data and your data changes from any day over the past two weeks, our records will update as well.

Here's what might cause a discrepancy:

If you have further problems with a specific device on the Record app, please see the Under Armour Record FAQ section about managing your devices.

When do my steps start counting towards a team?

Your steps will begin to count towards a team's total on the day you join the team. No matter what time of day you join the team, as long as you join before the data refresh time (2am EST), all of your steps for that day will count towards the team.

Do my step contributions to a team disappear when I leave the team?

No. Your steps still count towards the team total for every day you were a member of the team, until the day you leave it.

How can I remove myself from the leaderboards?

In your account settings, you can change your privacy level to "Teammates Only" (meaning only your teammates can see your profile and step data), or "Private" (meaning only you can see your profile and step data). You will appear as "(Private User)" on any leaderboards if set to private.


What data does the One Billion Steps website collect?

We collect any of the information you provided upon registration: First and last name, email address, and zipcode. Only your email address is required to make an account. We also collect the data you provided to the Under Armour Record app (primarily step data) to include it in the cumulative challenge total.

To review what data the Under Armour Record app collects, see their privacy policy or access your privacy settings in the Record app: from the dashboard, select the "More" button in the lower right corner, select "Settings," then select "Privacy."