Start-Up Guide

This is an in-depth guide to setting up your account and getting started with tracking your steps. If you're already pretty savvy, you can head over to the registration page and follow the steps there.

Step 1: Create a One Billion Steps account

Your Under Armour Record app will record your steps automatically as long as it's still installed and enabled on your phone — you no longer have to open it if you don't want to use its other features.

Now create an account with the One Billion Steps website.

Step 2: Create an Under Armour account

We use the Under Armour Record app to track steps. You can connect any step-tracking devices, including your phone. It's quick and easy to set up, and if you have a MapMy account (e.g. MapMyRun, MapMyRide) then it's the same thing!

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Under Armour Record App Set-Up Guide

Under Armour Record app starting screen

Open the Under Armour Record app. Click on "Get Started."

Under Armour Record signup fitness goals

Select your fitness goals (up to three).

For a basic setup, select the first option, "Begin the Journey," and scroll to the bottom to continue. The app has many other capabilities which you can choose to explore.

Under Armour Record choose how to register

Create your account.

Important: Do not register through Facebook or Gmail. For proper functionality, enter your information under "Create an Under Armour account with email."

Under Armour Record enter profile details

Fill out your account details.

Be sure to unselect the checkbox if you don't want to receive emails from Under Armour Record.

Under Armour Record connect device(s)

Select device(s) to connect for step tracking.

You can select multiple devices, just one, or set this part up later. Your phone may ask you for access permission.

Under Armour Record goal customization

Customize your health & fitness goals.

This is optional, but you can customize your goals to use the Record app to the fullest.

You're done! Here's how to add more tracking devices:

Under Armour Record dashboard

Click on the "Sync" button at the top right of the app.

You can also explore your dashboard to check out and adjust your stats.

Under Armour Record manage devices

Manage connected devices or add more.

Step 3: Connect Your Account

After you register and log in on the One Billion Steps website, you will be prompted on your dashboard to connect your Under Armour account. Click on the red "Log in with Under Armour" button.

This is an easy one-click process and should work automatically — you may have to log in with your Under Armour account on your browser as well. If you need more help or encounter an error, please contact us.

Step 4: Get Walking!

Your dashboard will show you data on your weekly and total steps. Step data is updated every day at 2am EST. You can also view CT's total progress toward one billion steps if you need some extra motivation!

Have more questions? Read our FAQ.