Step 3

Sync Your Step Tracking Apps & Devices to Your Under Armour Profile

  1. In the Under Armour Record app, go to the “Sync” button on the top right of the page. Under Armour Record sync button
  2. Choose the step tracking apps and devices you want to connect to your account. You can connect one or more devices (including your phone's default step-tracking app) and select which takes priority.
    • No devices? You can use the apps that come with your phone. On iOS, iPhone Activity Tracker is the default step-tracking app. Apple Health will only work on an Apple Watch; it will not work on an iPhone. On Android, you can use Google Fit. If a device appears automatically, make sure it has permissions.
    • Don’t see your device under “My Apps & Devices” on the UA app? Try these troubleshooting tips:
      1. Force quit all apps. Relaunch the UA app and see if the problem persists.
      2. Check the app store (iTunes or Google Play) to make sure you have the latest version of UA Record. If not, update.
      3. Restart your cell phone and see if the problem is resolved.
    • Need help? See our FAQ about syncing your devices.

Important: If you don't connect any devices in this step, your steps will not be tracked.

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